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Everything is political May 18, 2017

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When I hear someone is staying out of politics,

it’s a bigger lie than politicians tell every day.

Everything is political: love, sex, you name it;

that fruit basket on your desk is a political play.

Of course, I don’t need to tell you that.

I know you look upon our political processes with disdain,

But, generally, your average goes up the more you bat.

You can use sports analogies until you feel the strain.

My father was a trade unionist; my mother, a devout sympathizer.

My sisters were radicalized enviro-fascists, but left it for men.

So you may wonder how I turned out as a narcissistic Nixonian,

but it makes perfect sense although not worth the time to defend.

All of us have Area 51s in our lives staked to the politics of the day.

That day passes and stakes get uprooted without compunction.

You migrate from liberal to conservative to libertarian to shades of gray

or land in no man’s land with no gumption to move from form to function.

You claim apolitical blues and expect me to believe that on its face

and I could if I didn’t know you and I was willing to deny human nature.

To think you are apolitical is like refraining from the Embrace.

But, believe as you must, we are only apparitions and misty vapor.

We live in a era of false flags and misdirection;

the politics embedded in all that is extraordinarily complex.

Our digital world easily blurs the line between fact and fiction;

its uncomfortable, disturbing, creating a perennial pain in the neck.

So, when I hear someone say they are staying out of politics,

I know it’s the biggest lie I’m going to hear that day.

We know everything is political: love, sex, you name it;

that fruit basket on your desk is the ultimate political play.