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Running toward a brick wall April 20, 2017

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We are running toward a brick wall;

full tilt without a second thought.

Your loyalty is far beyond the call,

and your integrity can’t be bought.

Let’s spend our time focused on you.

Your flaws aren’t as obvious as mine,

and, typically, I don’t know what to do

except I know I will follow you blind.

Ours is a love forged from three decades,

and running through walls isn’t a mistake.

No doubt you are well above my pay grade,

but we always give more than life can take.

This real world becomes stale without imagination

and we straddle the line like ice dancers.

We look beyond sarcasm and condemnation

understanding we are bald chancers.

We burned stacks of self-help books laughing,

and we sat on the front stoop and smoked

because we didn’t want to endure the crying

or displace the vicious angst of being provoked.

You taught me the value of body language;

eyes that burn; nose that flairs; gaping lips.

I gave you the gift of a languid visage,

arms swirling high overhead and pulsating hips.

And our lives are lived unashamedly al fresco;

seated in front of the glass and never behind it.

We believe it makes it easier to come and go;

unfettered we capture peace others never get.

We are running toward a brick wall;

full tilt without a second thought.

The police too late to catch this call,

and we revel in the joy of being sought.


Opening day! April 3, 2017

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There’s little more exciting than opening day,

beginning baseball’s grind of a one-hundred-and-sixty-two-game season.

The fresh grass is sweet and hope is in the air

and anything is possible on opening day!

The deals are made and the team is set;

with sliders working and bats twirling;

you’ll know a Texas Leaguer from a screamer —

Everyone has twice the hustle to get what they can get!

Where is the atmosphere more electric?

The hot dogs have the deepest flavor and beer is cold going down.

And the tone of the crowd, whether outside milling or inside yelling

as the hitter stretches a single into a double, that’s what we want!

As the innings stack up and strategy takes shape

whether the crowd gets restless when things go awry

or their continuously on their feet as the home team soars…

Anything is possible on opening day!

Igniting butane April 1, 2017

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When I left you in the rain

my head said yes and my heart said no.

But I was pushed on by the pain

I couldn’t admit and you’d never know.

Don’t give away what you can’t hold

I heard you tell me time and again.

Don’t give away what can’t be sold

I couldn’t understand your single sin.

Most nights I hear you scream my name

and just before I go insane

I want to forgive you for this crazy game.

But it’s only igniting butane —

Only igniting butane.

If you could feel the fear of my fate

you’d see me bargaining with my demons.

I keep telling myself it’s not too late

to run from your emotional treasons.

Don’t give me something you don’t want to hold,

I told you time and again.

Don’t trade in things that can’t be sold

and maybe I can forgive your unforgivable sin.

Most nights you wake screaming my name

and just when you’re going insane

you want to forgive me for this crazy game

but it’s only igniting butane —

Only igniting butane.