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Vacant voice vaguely in your ear March 15, 2017

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Ancient myths set the imagination on fire;

Listening to old men speak of sacred rain;

Drops shower the landscape leaving you dry;

Or piercing you like needles leaving you in pain.

Ghosts of Appalachia;

shadows in Machu Picchu;

profile of a hornbill of Malaysia;

phantom in your church pew.

It reminds you of a vacant voice vaguely in your ear;

a mist, not a fog, envelopes you in a cold humidity;

longing for peace there are no reparations for fear;

and no search for Ralph Waldo Emerson’s timidity.

Apparitions disembark a late train;

impoverished spirits seeking passage;

boys standing in a scared rain;

hoping for an end to the rage.

Who left the street in a hurry for a cab to an airport?

Only to abort the flight for an expensive rental car;

like a clandestine operative delivering his report;

to a nameless man with green eyes who didn’t get far.

Sleep disturbed by a translucent nun;

and a violin concerto delivers its news;

while evil plots to blot out the Sun;

asking to dance on graves of its muse.

We are doing a dance with invisible partners embracing;

as we believe the caressing was from love and devotion;

they released us and walked away, leaving us dancing;

finding ourselves drinking whiskey on a yacht in mid-ocean.



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