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The whiskey and weed help me forget what I can never forget March 6, 2017

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The revenuers come and took my money,

smashed my still in my little house behind the barn.

Someone ratted me out but there’s more stashed elsewhere.

I’ll let em feel good for today cause I know they’ll come back another time.


I fly my confederate flag and my black neighbor gives it no mind.

“Heritage Not Hate” emblazoned on the back window of my seventy-nine Ford F-150.

I got an Asian buddy who’ll smoke pot with me

and he has a connection for some bad ass weed

might be Vietnamese or Cambodian cause I remember it from the war.

I served there and now I’m being served the best stuff on earth

and here’s a guy from over there, only nineteen,

and a lifetime ago for me, sharing his bounty real care-free.


The whiskey and weed help me forget what I can never forget.


When I work, I do construction, always good with my hands,

I just can’t keep two oars in the water look enough to get somewhere.

A wise-ass will provoke me or my boss will get on me for being late

and I walk away, cause I don’t cotton to folks who like splittin hairs.


I’m not much of a fisherman, don’t have that kind of patience;

but, I have waited hours in a deer stand in sub-freezing cold.

There’s no accountin for taste or sense or lackin of it.

I don’t have much of a poker face so I tend to flip my cards and fold.


The whiskey and weed help me forget what I can never forget.



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