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Evaporate… February 23, 2017

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You were wearing a white satin dress, sleeveless,


You didn’t expect me at this opening of “Hamilton”

but you didn’t seem surprised to see me.

Smiling, relaxed, eyes alert,

your long dark hair perfect, like I had never seen it before.

I offered my right hand and you accepted it tenderly,

like an old friend, and just as tenderly, let it go.

It’s only a dream, a vision, a shock to the system,

that wakes you and you immediately wonder

why was it so real? How could it be three dimensional?

And how could it evaporate as quickly as if it were never there?

I’m pouring hydrogen peroxide on an open wound

with stitches popping and blood beginning to seep,

at first slowly, then steady, followed by a flow.

I began to hear Ira Glass on “This American Life”

and it is strange since I’d only heard the show promos.

While I rarely listen to public radio I could imagine it.

As I imagine Chicago the way I want it to be, clean

and how the Mayors Daley kept things in line.

It’s a dream, a vision, a drain from my brain,

making me wake and I immediately wonder

can it be real? How is it three dimensional?

And why did it evaporate as if it were never there?



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