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Who would? February 8, 2017

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Candy stuck to Formica,

like it had been there a long time,

but once a house is deserted, unless documents exist,

how can you know? Does it matter who built with Formica,

who left the hard candy in such a hurry, carelessly?

Funny, the floor isn’t sticky, just dusty, some dust bunnies

and cobwebs, spiders shuttling back and forth from

cabinet to floor, never knowing their cousins up by the ceiling

doing the exact same thing in an exact opposite direction.

There is no smell of food or mold, like everything was taken

or nothing was here to begin with, and the light seems to have to

force its way through the dingy windows, half covered by shades.

So whoever was here didn’t dislike the light, maybe they welcomed it,

but when they left it didn’t occur to them to pull the shades.

They had no reason to be afraid of robbers, gave no thought to it,

because they were sure to be back, they thought, so they didn’t bother.

Who would?

Looking out the kitchen window, facing the backyard, the swing

is intact, the plastic toys, plastic wading pool, plastic stuff,

tells me there were young children here, and maybe girls,

no sign of GI Joe or super-hero figurines, probably girls.

The color on the plastic had faded some so if they left on their own

it was either in the Spring or early summer and it seemed

they believed they would be back, not at some point in the future,

they would be back that afternoon, back for supper, back for bed.

A child doesn’t purposefully leave her favorite toys out, just out like that,

unless they believed they’d be back, no reason to put them away,

Who would?

So this is what goes through the detective’s mind as he sorts out things.

He doesn’t know the lifestyle or particulars at the outset but he expects,

no, demands, that he get to the bottom of this…this apparent injustice.

Then we become an audience to his procedure,

from accumulated wisdom from TV news and cop shows.

We know why he’d bother to grapple with this, we couldn’t,

Who would?



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