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Fresh mojita in hand January 14, 2017

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The background music was faint

while the ocean tumbled and rolled

overtaking the sand before receding

but I could swear it was playing “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.

I wasn’t sure about the mood it was supposed to set but I smiled

and surveyed Marco Island’s beach expanse,

at points empty and at others clustered with people

some with children chased by harried parents

and chastised by doting grandparents.

It’s not often I get here, to relax in a cabana, fresh mojita in hand,

no smartphone to intrude, no tablet to distract me.

Just sound of wind and surf and I have come to understand

and appreciate those who are beckoned by its call —

flocking here, or Key West, or St. Pete Beach.

It’s a noisy peacefulness. It allows you to set aside,

if only for a few hours, whatever is pulling you back to your world.

From this spot, the phone calls and clients can wait,

and the email box can stack up like planes waiting to land at O’Hare,

but they will wait and I will get to them in due time.

Just not today. Just not today.



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