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There is no stopping time December 30, 2016

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There is no stopping time; no pregnant pause granted.

I can hear the birds singing even in late December

for the weather fools them and with no capacity to remember,

they will vigorously repeat what they have ranted.

And Spring is nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be heard,

but no one is looking for it because no one cares.

Their holiday has left them with full guts and empty stares

and they can’t hear a single song from any bird.

What of the work that lies ahead in the new year?

Passing entertainment has pushed that thought aside.

Yet, they have found nothing of the sacred to abide

And they wonder why they face the coming month with fear.

“Leave it for tomorrow”, I heard it casually said.

I understand living for the present and giving all to today.

There’s no guarantee of tomorrow with its debts to pay

And someone remarked, “They can’t collect from me when I’m dead!”

Supposing I take this life too seriously, too intensely,

And my passion runs rough-shod over my common sense.

How would I gather my well-deserved recompense?

If I didn’t, would it bother me immensely?

I have turned off the television and left the radio alone.

It has been so long since I was reacquainted with quiet —

my mind is a battlefield, preparing for the next riot,

but I’d prefer so much to forget it all and go home.




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