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Contemplating the new year December 28, 2016

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I was thinking about a new year

and how we can create it during any season.

But we look at January 1 to put it in gear

and I know the price of that spiritual treason.

Yet, I’d rather sing a sad old song

forgiving myself for the misspent time;

forgiving myself for all I’ve done wrong.

But you don’t owe me your forgiveness

even with the dawn of a new year loving the sky.

I’m the one who abused your graciousness

and left our relationship in a dark alley to die.

We can start this new year with sun instead of rain

if you would only reach your hand out to me.

I would embrace your laughter and let go of my pain

and we’d take that proverbial boat and set out to sea.

I was contemplating a new year

and how we can create it in any season.

But we leave it to January 1 to put things into gear

and I can’t delay it for any reason.

If I am lost then come and find me.

Don’t wait for the new year to reach out

or should I just call you or will you ignore it?

We can talk about the future and what its all about

or we can let another new year pass and forget it.





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