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Old Rocking Chair (Christmas visitation and remembrance) December 22, 2016

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The rocking chair hasn’t aged well,

now like a museum piece, unfit to sit on

but the memories are richly preserved.

All the tales a rocking chair could tell

moved around this house fifty-years plus seven

with more to come and well-deserved.

Antiques of Christmas, everyone remembers who bought them.

The family knows how it entered and remained.

And it’s not like a locket or valuable gem

just everyone would rather have it so it sustained

all the threats to chuck it on the fire or give it away.

About thirty years ago it was relegated to the garage

but cousin Charlie loved to play his banjo on it so he demanded it stay

Then the grandkids began using it for decoupage.

It took some time for it to recover.

Homer Formby helped me get stripped down and stained.

It seemed like an old friend and the house’s first lover

even though it has been ten years since anyone gave it a strain.

I filled the last stress fractures and warned off the relatives;

it had become a “look but don’t touch” anomaly

in a house filled with modern furnishings it seems pejorative

and yet it stays, in its way, majestically.

No, the rocking chair hasn’t aged well,

a well-guarded family heirloom no one can sit on.

But the memories are richly preserved to tell

to future generations, their relatives, and on and on.



1. phoartetry - December 30, 2016

Old rocking chair memories. Beautifully written.

vsap - December 30, 2016

Thank you! And, Happy New Year!

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