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Teenage Angst Revisited (Reunion Blues) November 27, 2016

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When did this happen to you?

Weren’t you an ingénue, most likely and all?

Those high school dreams are past due

and college goal posts were bound to fall.

Bittersweet, this moving on and letting go;

embracing an extended honeymoon with your career,

but you numbed guilt with your brother’s blow

then kicked yourself for crying in your beer.

So, is it true you got your Christmas wish?

You act as if you haven’t but you certainly have.

It’s a set of fine China with a chipped dish

and your hands wrist deep in healing salve.

You can’t fix the damage on your expensive plate

and you can’t reset goal posts lying in the past.

So forget old dreams and buy new at the going rate;

then, you discover you can’t afford something that lasts.

I could ask you to come with me, but I know that won’t do.

You were prom queen and I was third for class clown.

You were pristine and I had a mouth keen to turn the air blue,

but even the thought of me with you brought you down.



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