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I’d do for you again with no regrets October 28, 2016

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Your faith was a stalking horse when you were nineteen,

and God changed everything as you spoke in tongues.

No one understood you, they were caught up in the scene,

slain in the spirit you inhaled the burning in your lungs.

Your faith was a ponderous burden as you turned twenty-six,

the rock star of Pentecost was beginning to show his humanity.

You took to bullying your adversaries and promiscuous sex,

Too big to fail you cast aside God for king of your insanity.

Your faith was buried on the high plains as you passed forty-one,

there wasn’t a scripture verse you could accurately recall;

You were married fifteen years in a relationship with room for one

and your narrative was an evolving cliché, into nothing at all.

Your faith was renewed in your grandson’s eyes at age of sixty-four,

and there wasn’t a shred of doubt as you revisited your church home.

The metaphorical Phoenix rising from the vinyl of the basement floor,

and you were grateful to God that you weren’t going to die alone.

Your faith hit its stride on the eve of your seventy-first birthday.

There is no past with God, you learned over the years, He forgets.

The scars and suffering brought you to the joy you have today.

Hours, weeks and years of prayer I’d do for you again with no regrets.



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