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There is no frame of reference for first-times October 11, 2016

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There is no frame of reference for first-times.

Read what you will and listen to your friends.

But the good news is you don’t know

and the bad news is you don’t know.

The truth lies in the lack of knowing.

The beauty of ignorance in time of need.

Blazing your own trail, you will discover

soon enough, many have traveled before you.

But you simply didn’t know them

and how could you? Paths don’t cross,

even the internet is finite and often wrong.

I was gazing out the window of a coffee shop

wondering how my hometown would do without me.

Surgery, recovery, happening every day,

and the city will be there, prospering, without me.

Will I accept it? Can I? Do I have a choice?

Yes. Yes. And no – there’s no magic in truth,

your new is someone else’s everyday experience.

Your unforeseen is already understood by many

But will someone walk you through it

which will allow you to explain it to the next one?

There’s actually no time to consider alternatives

you just marshal through one hand tied behind

and the other reaching for a Holy God.



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