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No quarter for your treason October 7, 2016

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I can explain what I was trying to do

but it doesn’t matter anyway.

You can tell me I have no clue —

it’s not how I want to start my day.

When I have a “moment” I lose my will

and you can take advantage of my distraction.

You can twist me like a yard of twill —

the material is addition by subtraction.

You doctor your coffee with Bailey’s and cream.

I’m strictly black with a glazed donut guy.

But you like to forgive yourself for your dreams

then crush others and watch them die.

I didn’t mean to spoil your breakfast

but this third rail of our relationship is sparking.

And you have left me sufficiently breathless

like buses on a narrow street double parking.

Call me in the middle of the night like you used to

and I’ll send you flowers for no reason.

I’ll ask how we went from red hot to cold blue

But give you no quarter for your treason.

Bring a platter of the lunch meat of your love

and I’ll bring the bread and wine.

I’ll take you to the ledge and give you a shove —

you can push me to the back of the line.

Isn’t life deliciously ironic, I heard you ask,

and it’s more true than I’d like to believe.

I’m no longer here to drink from your flask,

I’m no longer here to relieve your grief.

You can thank me on the luck of the draw

because gambling was never your strong suit.

I can thank you for finding my every flaw —

I can thank you for ending my hot pursuit.



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