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Sidewalks are cracked, uneven August 13, 2016

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The sidewalks are cracked, uneven, have been for years,

I heard it is an infrastructure issue, but, honestly,

It’s negligence that injured kids, caused all those tears

From simple bike rides down walks dealt with dishonestly.

Smug politicians don’t listen to constituent demands, impervious

And good ones are helpless to move pieces around the chess board.

Direct questions makes arrogant men defensive and nervous

And the humble shuffle and mumble weighing answers they can afford.

We know a bureaucrat somewhere holds power of the purse

But it’s easy to blame the nameless, faceless trafficking in misery.

They entered service to make a difference not make things worse

But the pot-holed streets and curbside debris are all we see.

It was a good neighborhood, pristine, until renters moved in

Then there were leaf fires, vandalism and cars on blocks

And the recession caused more damage and unanticipated sin

So we had to blink and change to steel doors and iron locks.

Dogs of this war are left to fend for themselves, wild vermin,

Hunting while being hunted, hearing whispers over their heads.

And those voices have been banished from all that is sure, certain

Relegated to the lost and all the empty words they’ve said.

And, still, the sidewalks are cracked, uneven, have been for years,

But the rhetoric is lost on me and my friends are losing their moral compass.

It’s negligence, like parents giving teens cigarettes and beer

Then rolling over in bed, ignorant, and expecting it all to pass.



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