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I wasn’t August 10, 2016

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I wasn’t sure, so I left the water on

And, maybe, I flooded the plant.

But in the middle of a drought

I didn’t believe it could have drowned.

I wasn’t born to keep the land and nurture

And, I suppose, none are, it’s learned

But I lack both the heart and skill set

So I cut ties with the past for the future.

I wasn’t arrogant, practicing patience and humility

And, possibly, I overlooked some details

But who will remember those, really?

As the winter snow recedes with heat and humidity.

I wasn’t looking, as I twisted my ankle, broke my arm,

And, however unlikely, all could have been avoided

But fate and karma lack compassion

So I learned some things are doomed by boyish charm.

I wasn’t going to go there but here I am

And, nevertheless, I will stay the course, ever wrong,

But choices without discernment are demon’s folly

So what I didn’t know I couldn’t understand.

I wasn’t happy with forbearance, hung with unpaid debt,

And, hopefully, I will see good come from it tomorrow

But friends and neighbors warn me off that sinking ship

Lest I slip off the starboard and find myself all wet.



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