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couples therapy at no charge August 8, 2016

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“No more ‘Welcome to the jungle’…

Are you serious XM?”

“But, Guns N’ Roses, I mean, Axl Rose!”

“More like axle grease, you ask me.”

“Have a cigarette and a Red Bull,

you’re cranky when you’re a bitch!”

And I smiled, she had sent the message:

It’s a road trip, ten more hours in the car,

don’t be a buzz kill, for the love of Skittles.

Atlanta to Tampa, more like St.Pete Beach,

and we could have grabbed a flight but, no,

this was couples therapy at no charge.

Besides, all the Delta flights are grounded

and that would have iced Monday morning

more than any caffeine or nicotine we spent

following I-75 through Macon and points south.

“And what was that thing with your mother, anyway?

Like I’m stealing her little boy? You’re 32, aren’t you?”

“She has dementia and forgets we’ve been married

five years, with a retriever to board and a mortgage.”

“Excuses!” she blurted, half in jest but more in fact.

“Why don’t we stop in Perry at that Go Fish place?”

“I was thinking more about the Ali Baba Casino,”

she offered, “If there’s really no rush.”

She smiled, lit another cigarette, and inhaled slowly,

I couldn’t love her more.




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