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Let us search for an honest man August 2, 2016

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Let us search for an honest man, robust,

Willing and able to serve with wisdom and grace.

A man who understands we are only dust

But one who has endurance to run the race.

We are lost in fear, overcome by faceless beasts,

Presiding over the most severe injustice and indignation.

Born of the discontent plaguing the feckless east

And infesting like roaches even most secure nations.

Let us search for an honest man, fearless,

With clarity of purpose that’s unassailable.

A man who is undaunted, firm to confess

His allegiance to duty, fodder for legend and fable.

We have a chalice half-empty with promise unfulfilled

Our armies stripped of their power and destiny

Left with silent weapons while thousands are killed

As politicians wage endless war of words with impunity.

Let us search for an honest man, prudent,

Yet with a resolve that makes our enemies stand down.

His path will be cleared, his ways self-evident,

With no need for silver shield or golden crown.

We have heroes aplenty and no leaders to lead.

Where do we find virtue and courage in a single man?

How do we nurture the one once we have planted the seed?

What can we do to be sure he can stand?

Let us search for an honest man, faithful,

One who kneels to Almighty God without flinching

One who is steadfast and grasps the wonderful

With voice raised and fists clinching.



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