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Unfinished business July 12, 2016

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When the gear is put away and the heat of battle abated

will there be time for introspection

or is choosing distraction and activity the better choices?

 Soul-searching is superficial if it brought to mind at all.

Immersed in noise of this life

there’s no space to weigh and consider

what to love and how and what to leave and why

so hunker down especially when the anger wells up.

There was a time for dreaming, uninterrupted,

embracing the possibilities was unavoidable

but there were choices to make, paths to cross

one emerges, others recede and revelation revealed.

Left with a handful of fool’s gold is what’s at stake, something to protect?

Missed flights, dinners forsaken, owned, instead, by a smart device

without acknowledging the unfinished business its seamless

building a legacy of lies, a character of deception, a death within a life.