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CONSIDER THE DOG April 25, 2016

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.
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Having contemplated the struggles of life ad nausem

It is time to consider the dog.

The noble, souless beast who is relegated to subservience

As man devotes himself to pursuits of happiness –

To hobbies instead of hunting to survive.

The canus domesticus is a stalwart friend,

Seeking approval, giving unconditional love and faithfulness.

It’s no wonder a loving God created them.

Yet it takes a special man to be devoted to a dog.

Not all men should be fathers to children and

Not all men should be owners of dogs.

As the cases of abuse pile up and the stories of

Breeding to kill or fight or both circulate freely,

The dark underbelly of man’s nature is sometimes projected

On to a dog and the path to destruction is thus assured.

It seems the nature of a dog is to serve,

If only as quiet friend, to the person in charge.

Instinct will overtake a dog in lieu of training

And it can be a messy situation if a pup is left untempered

As thousands of yards of carpet and thousand of chairs and tables

Are scrapped every year due the curiosity of a dog.

Soft costs, I guess, the expense of negligence.

But let’s set aside abuse and neglect, benign or otherwise,

and consider the dog as proper companion, supreme empathizer

and selfless friend for the short years we possess them.


Headwind April 1, 2016

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, Uncategorized.
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Where did we hear it first, from the radio?

Teased on the television or gathered around YouTube?

I know in good time everything will come and go

and it’s almost like flying, gleaming the cube.

Wrestling with ancestral gods, angling for advantage

when the wind bursts and whoosh! you’re off!

And it becomes one of those stories, an adage,

then its light a smoke, turn your head and cough.

It isn’t like we already know, crowned with awareness

since we have to arrive at it, each in his own time

like a politician dancing with his version of fairness

that lies for a nickel when the truth pays a dime.

Believe it or not, I’ve heard your name before,

are you an archetype, phenom, or neophyte?

Yes! And when it hits me you couldn’t peel me off the floor!

But who would? It’s not a pretty sight.

Then pose with me, if you will, in this translucent mirror,

forgetting the headwinds we’ve fought and dance

enveloped in a music that belongs only to the hearer

and is forcefully pushed by the tailwind of romance.