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Left alone February 19, 2016

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

I did not venture a word, there are no phrase hooks,
no pithy comments or cogent suggestions to some things.
Some things are left alone even when they seem most needy.
The damage may not be done with a thought but it is
begun with it and it is there even if it is not apparent,
even if it doesn’t scream for attention, even if it is held
hostage with muffled voice whimpering.
The more opaque it is, the more it reveals itself.
You and I can talk about it, rearrange the intellectual furniture,
play William Buckley to Leonard Cohen since we know
all intellect is of New York and the rest is, well, pseudo-intellect.
I can’t swear there is a difference from one political season to next
but names of characters change even if situations seem
oddly familiar, like family reunions we all try to avoid but the
gravity just pulls us in, probably from morbid curiosity, that’s all.
Holding your breath to count of ten and circling so hard you get dizzy,
it’s all in great fun until you realize, blankly sipping your latte at Starbucks
on a summer afternoon, your career is sucking your soul dry,
your choices have made you lame, or worse, caused atrophy.
I will stand with you, looking over your shoulder for protection –
I will wait for you when others abandon you, when others
believe they can no longer stand with you.



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