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Mercenary farmer February 15, 2016

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Financial Crisis, Poetry.

When the fields yearn for water in a drought-ridden valley
men study and irrigate and bring the pasture back.
As cattle produce little fruit from loins or dairy
men work tirelessly to replace portions they lacked.
Heat may stunt berries, corn, and wheat
after frost killed peaches, oranges, and cotton.
This is not a computer code you simply delete
it is life on the land and it is sweet, and it is rotten.
A mercenary farmer swoops in with an MBA or better
armed with theories of efficiency and commodity speculating.
He possesses less common sense than your uncle’s Setter
and, worse, believes his perspectives are scintillating.
Business is learned out here on the land
not for one who can’t stomach risk, who is easily chased away.
A mercenary farmer is armed with charts, certain he can take the land
using its droughts and floods for market rises and falls.
A mercenary farmer doesn’t need to include God in his plan.
He easily walks away from furrow, coop and stall.
When furious commodity trading is done
he can take his fine education and refined style to Wall Street,
vacation in Cabo under the warm Mexican sun
while others remain to make the ends meet.



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