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How come: Adrienne Rich… February 15, 2016

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

Ancient anarchist hail from Poe’s perch do you not
hear that Adrienne means rich in Greek or some such
so I am played for this clever inside joke or queer coincidence
Rich Rich, really: define place color definition
setting aside obvious tendencies for critical analysis
picking out and up a weapon without compunction
because I can: I will
You do know the world isn’t a reflection of Vermont, Oregon,
Idaho, or some place in Northern California, they are your vampires
unable to see themselves in any kind of patriotic mirror
of this republic, least of its parts and parts still admiration-drenched
deftly marketed to old hippies, landed aristocracy and the like
vacant of position, vacant of sentimental notions they say they seek
Mildly amusing to see green-bent humans embrace Darwin all the while
doing everything possible to frustrate natural selection: not in my backyard
Not rich indeed: bankrupt and reveling in their whole food brand
of chaos, dissing order EXCEPT if they can rule then all bets are off
like that: all bets off



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