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And, probably, you know January 25, 2016

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

Part of the problem, probably,
too much swearing, too much smoking,
lost to too little thinking, too little awe,
but, then, it is, probably, unseen.
There are wide gestures of inclusion,
the kids love that stuff, probably,
more than I can stomach, pass the Pepto!
And it’s like rush hour traffic, lurching,
I mean lurching in a waltz probably designed
by lack of planning, too little thought.
Woozy and congested, I can’t smell a thing
then you ask how I like the food and, probably,
it’s great but it’s just as likely White Castle
for all I know, for all I can sense.
Rocking back and forth is a bit of a nervous tick
I think it’s indicative of some social disorder,
at least, or, probably something worse.
But, look, I’m going to step outside for a smoke,
contemplate the scene and probably, you know,



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