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Second-Hand Smoke of Life December 18, 2015

Posted by vsap in Blogroll.

If you have to say it, say it.

You occupy a special place in purgatory for your insensitivity,

and if God forgives your sin you may have spared your eternity.

But you are here and now damned as surely as you speak.

I may know whom you condemn and why.

I may agree my preconceived notions are confirmed,

and your pertense as soothing as a third-degree sunburn.

Listening, I place my soul in peril, even to die.

“Let me tell you something about her,” the tale begins,

“What do you think of what he’s done?” leaves me breathless!

Not understanding context of your comments is careless.

It’s tainted with half-truths and separation anxiety.

“Wasn’t he your best friend not so long ago?” I press,

acknowledging that fact you defend with “things change”.

I ask how it can be your good friend is now out-of-range?

That all you can manage is to heap upon her more distress?

Don’t these words simply pile up, never being sorted as they should?

And your mournful refrain is more an indictment of you

especially when your allegations plant dubious clues.

We need to move the conversation along to something good.

But I don’t think less of you for speaking your mind.

After all, gossip is the second-hand smoke of life, mere vapor.

If so, then why speak it at all and leave your tongue for valor?

Setting this thing aside, let’s not speak of it and be kind.



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