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Tears were like candle wax flowing down September 22, 2015

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

The flame in her eyes was dimming

as tears were like candle wax flowing down

and freezing on her cheeks

Her soul was coming to a boil, passed simmering

face contorted beyond a frown

teeth clinched seething breath that reeks

She reached to pull the closet door shut

escaping from the world, shutting it out

that was her unspoken goal, her desire.

Matted hair wearing rags of a slut

she had no words but she wanted to shout

her hands and feet felt as if they were on fire

Torment was too kind a word, it was horror

she moved back into the darkness catching a splinter on her ass

damned hardwood floor, the pain displacing her mental anguish

if only for a moment as she lightly stroked her right butt cheek

finding the culprit and removing it with a quick pull, another sharp pain

then she felt her back on the wall, cold plaster, like air conditioning in August

and she began to comfort herself, tears subsiding,

knees weak and wavering as if they were about to cry

but she held them in place, be strong! she insisted to them

the straight line of light under the door began to fade

maybe she could sleep or rest, find protection in the night

but there is no comfort in darkness, no comfort in tears

no comfort in torment, no comfort in horror.



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