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We were made for a place in time, not eternity August 19, 2015

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

Her pale face was wind-brushed red, dark hair carelessly swirling

on a brutally cold Midwestern December evening all she could do is smile.

I can’t do much more than hold that photograph in my mind,

my gloved hands finding it difficult to keep their grip, distracted by flurries

dancing through the air and finally stealing the picture taking it aloft and out of my sight.

Sitting on a porch in the southern mid-August heat I welcome the memory

forgetting bitterness of good-bye and healed by the sweetness of the moment –

She didn’t steal my love, I gave it freely and without regret.

I have forgiven her without need to have it returned and it’s just as well

we were made for a place in time, not eternity.

When I first heard her voice I knew – before I saw her face I was in her control

Her eyes told me she was certain of it but her lips couldn’t afford speaking the words.

Nights I rested on her breasts just to listen to her breathing, feel her breath on me,

my resistance was gone and it was the essence of reckless abandon

and I thought it might be for her but I understood it wasn’t necessary.

Maybe she never cared, or maybe it was a spring breeze slipping through her frigid soul,

not that it mattered then or now, I was a willing accomplice – in it for me

if I couldn’t persuade her to join me another day I would hold her anyway since

we were made for a place in time, not eternity.

Why would I use words like “unforgettable” or “otherworldly”

to describe the coldest winter of a century as object of her passion,

so much so that she became an incurable desire for me, though a decade has passed,

and she may have changed dozens of times over the years,

would I recognize her today by eyes, lips or scent right now?

Or, am I just a remnant of an infatuated youth stung because

we were made for a place in time, not eternity.



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