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“Tell me more” in disguise July 16, 2015

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.
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I wasn’t generating any new ideas

and yet the rejection slips were in a virtual stack

in my email inbox as if waiting to be incinerated.

They will be soon enough

after tears of guilt and regret dry on my face.

Playing my guitar in minor chords searching for the Muse

but it became obvious he was on break at the Dairy Queen

and I began to wonder about sticking with it.

It’s like this, the voice in my head tries to reason,

a “no” is nothing other than “tell me more” in disguise

a cause for celebration not to contemplate my writing’s demise.

“Did you think this was a job?” the voice interrupts,

and, of course, it’s not, it’s a passion, a creative outlet.

Playing the lottery, now, that’s a career, more or less

like cheating yourself at solitaire, where is the justice?

I considered self-destruction, you know, the way of a tortured artist,

but there’s the mortgage, work and more profitable distractions

so I rationalize my mediocrity for the moment

figuring I’ll be like fine wine and improve with age.

Then, it feels like the sixties, prior to polyester,

sort of a cotton and wool era, cast iron and substantial

but I don’t seem to be able to capitalize on its wealth.

Move over, Jim Morrison, I’m spending the night

in your Soul Kitchen, learning to forget.



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