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Manhattan Beach Dream, June 1999 June 5, 2015

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

The sky was glass, tinted orange with red strands
And the sea had gelatin at its brim
With children crying because they couldn’t swim
Then the wind farm blew the sands
We covered our eyes and wanted to run
But we found cover from an abandoned surfboard
And it seemed we’d been spared the following hoard
So we covered our eyes with our hands
The next thing I remembered was a face observing me
As if I was rolling down the corridor of an ER
“Hello,” she said, and it was like I forgot my part
But I didn’t think I could simply break free
And just as quickly as I saw it the face disappeared
As I looked around me I noticed my things were gone
All the families on the beach acted like nothing was wrong
The glass sky vanished and the sun had reappeared
My beach towel was my only possession as I rose to my elbows
It all seemed so Sunday afternoon normal
I couldn’t juxtaposition the criminal
With the oceans lazy ebb and flow
The idea of leaving my towel with my dignity passed
So I grabbed it, stood and stretched
Who would care what happened
Only me and who would believe it – I looked wretched
I tilted my head and thought this, too, shall pass



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