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Incredulous Midwestern-ness May 25, 2015

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.
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“Lovely” she says whenever she disapproves
and her brown eyes go black if its serious.
That flat voice is a verbal tell
which almost makes me smile in spite of the conversational gravity.

“You’re kidding, right?” an incredulous midwestern-ness rises
and she’ll smirk while moving her head gently in a “no” motion.
She’s heard it all before but she makes me believe my story is unique
which is a kindness rarely extended in our urban dash.

Her expressions convict her even if she doesn’t utter a word
and she is at one moment a lighthearted college co-ed
and the next weighed down by worries of her forty-some years
which is like a typical afternoon thunderstorm in Florida.

I can see her wave, put on a helmet and ride off on her Ducati,
a country girl adapting to city life with amazing alacrity.
She will consider her day thoughtfully over a glass of Chateau Sainte-Michelle
which allows her to sleep well while the world spins.



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