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Lesser things of life April 21, 2015

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.
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Waiting out a hurricane on the floor of a concrete block restroom
situated in an gulf-facing park near downtown Sarasota, knees to chin
pondering the lesser things of life, where I didn’t go, what I didn’t do
and seriously, for once, weighing whether I’d receive another chance.

The screen window across the top of the inland side of my shelter blew in
shot over my head like a bullet, crashed against the opposing wall
and landed at my boots, too quickly for me to react, and I froze
as the wind had no breaker it breathed in the room like a demoniac.

Praying crossed my mind, and the story of a Holy Spirit blowing
into an upper room, swirling around the apostles, who became brave,
but that wasn’t me, as I cowered, head between my knees hoping to hold on
and thinking it would be okay if I didn’t, sucked into a vortex all at once.

Just as the roof was beginning to rattle and I thought it would fly free
the gale ceased and the rain with it and the sun shone through the window
but I felt it wasn’t over, it was just the eye, convincing myself
that the lesser things of life would find me if I tried to run now.



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