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Fodder for the gods April 13, 2015

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

“Expressive.” he said about her, as if eulogizing,
“You could see the eyes, lips, body language change.
She went from introspection to laughter, like that,”
he snapped his fingers metaphorically.

I agreed. Who couldn’t know her but love her even distantly,
as I was able, and I knew he was right and I was there
when he spoke of her – it was like I remembered without
a first-hand memory but from a friend of a friend.

He laughed, “In the end, it was fodder for the gods,
you know, not a one-night stand but a thing out of view,
just between her and I and when it ended, it had to.”
I nodded as if I understood or empathized. But could I?

Leaving him at the end of the bar seemed unkind
but the night was slipping away and friendship has its limits
when there are dogs to walk and fish to feed, trivial pursuits
which can’t be handled by extended phileo consolation.

I hailed a cab and I was dropped at my Chelsea walk-up
and this conversation stuck with me, expressive, he said,
but his observation was not enough, I thought, had he shared it
with her or did he mean it to be fodder for the gods all along?



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