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Trailing off into Boz Scaggs March 22, 2015

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It’s physical therapy and sinus surgery,
just what I need to clear my head, I thought glibly.
Different doctors on the same day – what was I thinking?
And did I mention the carpal tunnel? Now I’m cringing.

Hold that thought while I get the wine. How’s Merlot?
I don’t want to hit it hard, just enough to feel the flow.
Like Boz Scaggs singing “Lowdown” but no business in the street
because last I checked we can’t afford to miss a beat.

Now I think of it I believe old Boz is a vintner
purveying a new Mt. Veeder Montage, half Grenache
if you’re any kind of connoisseur you will understand
but I’ll leave the foot-crush to the pros.

After a half bottle I begin to remember “Somebody Lone Me A Dime”
and I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a pay phone.
Like cigarettes, they seem to show up in the movies a lot,
but they are more rare than my friends that smoke these days.

Gosh, I think I have Steve Miller’s “Sailor” LP!
Wasn’t Boz on “Dime A Dance Romance”? Diggin’ that “Livin’ In The USA” vibe!
And, Boz did “Stepping Stone” – but it wasn’t that Boyce and Hart crap.
It was Boz, man! Wait. Do you think the wine doing this?



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