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Jim helps Dave get over his lost relationship January 13, 2015

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It wasn’t the dream you heard, it was real!

I sat next to you – you don’t remember? Saturday!

You heard “good-bye” and she walked away.

Numb? I should say – silent and frozen – I would have been

but it’s Monday, buddy, you have to shake it off!

I can take you downtown, lots of noise and sweaty people.

No? Then, how’s the country? Fresh air and mountains!

Okay, okay, I get it but I am not leaving you alone.

You are on overload and can’t be trusted. Where’s your gun?

Guns!?! We’re getting you out of this house at least a day or two.

No threat? Three guns and you’re no threat to yourself?

Your Army training took you down a lot of roads but not this one.

This is your heart, not your head.

This is your spirit and your soul.

Get in the car and let’s just go.

Running? You call getting in the car with no where to go running?

We’re just out, you know, boys night out – maybe last a couple of days

or weeks but it won’t matter when we return, you’ll be better than new!

Cabo! Now, you’re talking – can’t be more than a couple thou’ to get there!

Who was that anyway? Women! Come and go, blues in a skirt.

I can get us to the airport in thirty minutes – got your credit cards?



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