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this is a normal morning, what else could be said December 4, 2014

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry.

Your eyes can’t adjust and your mind can’t comprehend
Your bed is burning, too distracted to breathe
Black smoke engulfs you like it is your last best friend
Covering you with its smothering sheath
You shudder, blink and the Nocnitsa is set free
Dripping perspiration and smelling of urine you sit up
Fixed on your image in the mirror, frozen in place
until convulsions begin and you spit up, spit up, spit up
you hit the hard floor, wet oak pressed on your face
Rolling over, getting up to run as if you could get away
as if there was something to run from, somewhere to run to
but your demon is vanquished, he didn’t intend to stay
struggling to your feet you ask yourself what to do.

Staring out at the kitchen like no one was there
your son turns, “What happened, Mom, fall out of bed?”
Puts jam on his toast and turns in his chair
like this is a normal morning, what else could be said



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