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Michael Brown’s Reflection November 25, 2014

Posted by vsap in Blogroll, Poetry, US Politics.
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St. Louis County police cars were burning
People poured into and out of the Ferguson Liquor Store
not patrons, simple thieves emboldened by a belief
their desires for justice could be stolen from its floor

Torching Little Caesar’s, Metro PCS and a beauty salon
makes love to news cameras, fleeting hot sex
Bullets fly at firemen framing the moment
but memories escape, distracted by what’s next

Walgreens and McDonalds windows smashed and looted
symbolic of pain? emblematic of savagery
trading your brand of justice for narcotics and beer
your faux defiance makes you forget how to fear

We could have told them, as if it mattered,
Atlanta burned to the ground but ignorance of history
is nine-tenth of lawlessness in Michael Brown’s reflection
Blame police all you like, purloined cigarillos cost a life

And through it all, “Season’s Greetings” hangs benign over the scene.



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