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PresBO is a Statist and it’s worse than you think August 22, 2010

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Today, our nation is being run by Statists. If you are unsure what this means, Wikipedia gives you a glimpse (bold is mine):

“Statism (or etatism) is a term assigned to political movements and trends that are seen as supporting the use of states (nations) to achieve goals, both economic and social. Economic statism, for instance, promotes the view that the state has a major and legitimate role in directing the economy, either directly through state-owned enterprises and other types of machinery of government, or indirectly through economic planning. It may refer to the ideology of statism that holds that: Sovereignty is vested not in the people but in the national state, and that all individuals and associations exist only to enhance the power, the prestige, and the well-being of the state. The concept of statism, which as seen as synonymous with the concept of nation, and corporatism repudiates individualism and exalts the nation as an organic body headed by the Supreme Leader and nurtured by unity, force, and discipline.”

For those squeamish about calling PresBO a socialist, it may be more accurate or politically correct to call him a Statist. He can say what he likes, spin it however David Axelrod prefers, but PresBO is a statist.

Edward Crane, of the CATO Institute, put it this way on April 29, 2009:

“Pres. Barack Obama is not a socialist. He is a thoroughgoing statist, perhaps the worst in American history. And with Wilson, FDR, and LBJ, he’s got some serious competition…

“There is a reason sales of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged are going through the roof. The book is nothing if not prescient. The “Troubled Assets Relief Program” is straight from its pages. Monday’s New York Times front page suggests Atlas may be starting to shrug. “Doctor Shortage Proves Obstacle to Obama Goals,” laments the headline. Hmm. Wonder why there would be a doctor shortage in the face of nationalized health care? Perhaps bright young people considering a career don’t want to work for the federal bureaucracy?

“Time for those conservatives serious about limited government to re-read Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative.”

Mark Levin, in his 2009 book “Liberty and Tyranny” lays it out this way:

“The Modern Liberal believes in the supremacy of the state…. For the Modern Liberal, the individual’s imperfection and personal pursuits impede the objectives of a utopian state. In this, Modern Liberalism promotes what French Historian Alexis de Tocqueville called soft tyranny, which becomes increasingly more oppressive, partially leading to hard tyranny…. As the word “liberal” is, in its classical meaning, the opposite of authoritarian, it is more accurate, therefore, to characterize the Modern Liberal as a Statist.” – (p.4)

Again in April 2009, Orson Bean (yes, the actor) commented on the Big Hollywood Blog:

“Levin’s book is the equivalent of a popular college course in conservatism. Strict adherence to the Founding Fathers’ words are necessary, in his view, to be able to call oneself a genuine conservative. He has withering scorn for neo-conservatives, whom he regards as wolves in sheep’s clothing. His word for the liberal is Statist, a term he uses over and over until it begins to sound like an ugly epithet. “The state will take care of me,” is the mantra of the leftist, as Levin describes him, but as a bronco once broken discovers, there’s a heavy price to be paid.”

To the contrary, on August 29, 2009, Conor Friedersdorf, on The Daily Dish blog commented:

“It is difficult to overemphasize how important that paragraph [the one previously quoted from Levin’s book] is to the balance of Mr. Levin’s book, and his entire intellectual oeuvre. The United States that he comments on isn’t one that pits Republicans against Democrats, or conservatives against liberals, or the center right against the center left, or where citizens of complicated political persuasions — mixing ideology, pragmatism and ignorance — do some combination of participating in politics and ignoring it. Instead Mark Levin’s America is one where the conservatives are pitted against the Statists, or to put things as he would, where liberty is pitted against tyranny.

“…Terrible as he sounds, The Statist that Mr. Levin describes—his ill deeds keep growing as the book winds down–would at least play a clarifying role in American politics if he actually existed. Imagine how useful a blueprint Mr. Levin’s book would prove if the primary opponents of conservatives were actually cunning Statists with malign motives and hatred of liberty in their hearts. But re-read all the attributes that describe the Statist. Does anyone in American politics fit that description, let alone a plurality sizable enough to enact their agenda?”

Mr. Friedersdorf’s answer is, of course, no.

Salvo magazine reviewer Terrell Clemons offered this in the Autumn 2009 edition:

“The inexorable culmination of statism is tyranny. For statists, government interventions are required to perfect society. Capitalizing on human imperfections, the statist, who has an insatiable appetite for control, stirs up grievances. Then, in classic divide-and-conquer mode, he poses as a champion or savior for one “oppressed” group while reviling another, all along camouflaging the reality that both groups’ liberties are being gradually subjugated to the insuperable authority of the state.

“Statism behaves like a false messiah. The statist “veils his pursuits in moral indignation, intoning . . . injustices and inequities . . . for which only he can provide justice and bring a righteous resolution,” Levin writes. “And when the resolution proves elusive, as it undoubtedly does . . . the Statist demands ever more authority to wring out the imperfections of mankind’s existence.” Unopposed, he exhibits the traits of a megalomaniac.”

If this doesn’t sound like PresBO, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, et al, I can’t find a more apt description.

Do the research and you will discover that in November 2008 the majority turned the nation over to Statists. The correction will begin in November 2010 and, by God’s grace, end with the ousting of PresBO in the November 2012 election.

Pray every day for this nation!



1. david michel - August 24, 2010

people are stupid

2. mode20100 - August 25, 2010

A+ would read again

3. kaitlin - December 1, 2010

makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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