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Latticework puppeteer May 26, 2010

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He is a graceless loner —

Broad shoulders, short temper;

Driven by an unspoken passion

and bridled by unvarnished truth;

He fades into the wallpaper at the very

moment he can’t help to be noticed.

The embodiment of oxymoron:

bitter and sweet, cheerless and joyful,

the most wealthy pauper you know,

or you thought you knew, twisted in some things

and more straight than an Iowa two-lane in others.

He stands next to you on the subway platform

and you don’t have to know his name, you know who he is;

there is that vacant sense of justice, an air of suspicion

so much so you don’t even hear the sound of the train

coming through the tunnel and grinding to a stop.

He picks up his briefcase, turns to you, with a knowing smile,

nods and boards the train. The one you were supposed to take,

now you have to wait for the next.



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