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League of Nations Died April 12, 1946 – Now Time For UN to Follow It To The Grave April 19, 2010

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The League of Nations died. Now is the time for its successor, the United Nations, to do the same. But let’s review the end of the League for some perspective. From Wikipedia (not always a good source but it will suffice for this)…

As the situation in Europe deteriorated into war, the Assembly transferred enough power to the Secretary General on 30 September 1938 and 14 December 1939 to allow the League to continue to legally exist and to carry on reduced operations. The headquarters of the League, the Palace of Peace, remained unoccupied for nearly six years until the Second World War ended.

At the 1943 Tehran Conference, the Allied Powers agreed to create a new body to replace the League: the United Nations. Many League bodies, such as the International Labour Organization, continued to function and eventually became affiliated with the UN. The structure of the United Nations was intended to make it more effective than the League.

The final meeting of the League of Nations was held in April 12 1946 in Geneva. Delegates from 34 nations attended the assembly. This session concerned itself with liquidating the League: assets worth approximately $22,000,000 in 1946, including the Palace of Peace and the League’s archives, were given to the UN, reserve funds were returned to the nations that had supplied them, and the debts of the League were settled. Robert Cecil is said to have summed up the feeling of the gathering during a speech to the final assembly when he said:

“Let us boldly state that aggression wherever it occurs and however it may be defended, is an international crime, that it is the duty of every peace-loving state to resent it and employ whatever force is necessary to crush it, that the machinery of the Charter, no less than the machinery of the Covenant, is sufficient for this purpose if properly used, and that every well-disposed citizen of every state should be ready to undergo any sacrifice in order to maintain peace I venture to impress upon my hearers that the great work of peace is resting not only on the narrow interests of our own nations, but even more on those great principles of right and wrong which nations, like individuals, depend. The League is dead. Long live the United Nations.”

End Wikipedia information. Bold is mine.

It is obvious to me that Mr. Cecil would be much dismayed by what he would see passes for a United Nations, given the lofty goals he spoke of at the folding of the League.

I could spout all manner of criticism on the UN. Instead, let Mr. Cecil’s words instruct us that the UN has not lived up to its charter and, like the League of Nations, must be disposed of. Yesterday would not be to soon.

My final comment is that the UN building is not a beacon on the Manhattan skyline, but a blight. It should be done away with as quickly as the graffiti it is on our own soil.



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