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We don’t like PresBO’s health care reform cause he’s black! February 26, 2010

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Well, it’s Black History Month so we might as well get it out there. We simply don’t support the president’s health care reform because he’s black.

And if you think that’s preposterous, and it is, then you have to believe the farcical television spectacle, hosted by the President, was equally preposterous.

Also, we didn’t like the first attempt to overhaul health care because it was spearheaded by a woman – Hillary Clinton.

So, there, it’s out there now. Americans don’t like what blacks or women have to say about health care and they should just go away. Find another issue to wring hands over, sweat, and palpitate until they’re red-faced.

Today’s televised farce was promised at the outset. But truth is of little concern to this President. Surrounded by leftists, socialists, and worse, this President revels in “running the show” but knows nothing of administration.

He is disingenuous in chiding Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) about the campaign being over because the campaign has never been over for this President. As a matter of fact, if it weren’t for his constant campaigning or campaign-like speeches, there would be nothing to report on this empty suit.

“Do you miss me yet?” says a smiling George W. Bush from a billboard running around the email circuit recently. As a conservative, I must admit that even a centrist Republican would be preferable to the “government first, last and always” administration in power today.

I sincerely believed Jimmy Carter was the worst President I had ever experienced…until Barack Obama…and that’s just a little more than a year in. It took nearly twice the time to figure Carter was a dote.

Do elections have consequences? You’re living the nightmare today.

So, in having vilified blacks and women on health care, what group actually makes the most sense on this issue? Old white guys. Not Harry Reid, Dick Durbin or Barney Frank. They don’t count. They and their ilk sold out their bonafides years ago. It’s just now you notice it since they hold the national stage. No, the old white guys are John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor, Saxby Chambliss and any blue dog Democrat who knows better than to side with the rabid left in destroying the best health care system in the world regardless of its flaws.

Start over, Mr. President. If you’re pretty sure you’re not wrong, you sure have been listening to too many Kool-Aid drinkers who don’t have a clue about what’s happening in the real America.

You, Mr. President, don’t know what’s happening in real America. You believe government can handle more than 15% of our economy. You believe government is the answer to every aspect of our lives and it simply is not the case. For all you know, it’s what you don’t know that’s most dangerous to us all. You don’t know how to govern. All you know how to do is campaign.

Indeed, the campaign is over, Mr. President. You need to figure out how to govern. In the Seventies Illinois elected a populist, Dan Walker. Walked the state. Looked good. Couldn’t govern. Served one term. Joe Teasdale in Missouri. Same thing. Could tickle the ear but didn’t know what to do with the office once he occupied it. Served one term.

My sincere hope is that your fate is the same, Mr. President. One term and you can go out on the lecture circuit, talk about how tough it was to create the hope and change you believed in, to adoring crowds, a la Al Gore.

We won’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.



1. themadjewess - February 26, 2010

Well, aint a law against saying how you REALLY feel!
I hate Obama. I dont want his disaster deathcare

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