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Indicting Mr. Obama’s dream January 24, 2010

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Scott Brown wins in MA. Air America is bankrupt and goes off the air. It was, indeed, a pleasant week for conservatives. It was a victory of common sense, and the marketplace deciding who survives.

The indictment of the Obama administration is being handed down. It is not pretty. It is a far cry from the hope and change, the transparency and bi-partisanship that Mr. Obama promised after his election.  If anything, he makes Richard Nixon look like a piker and George W. Bush look appealing by comparison.

No smug, pithy quotes here. You’ve heard and read them all. Mr. Obama, and his liberal agenda, have been shown to be as solvent as Air America.

And then come the back-pedaling. On December 15, 2009, Mr. Obama all but claimed victory for his reckless health care plan.  Today, he urges everyone to go slow, that there is no urgency in getting this done. The bill he HAD to have by Christmas, no longer a top priority. If I had my way, I would dismantle it and start from scratch. And, by the grace of God, it looks like that is a real possibility now.

Also, it’s easy to be negative about Mr. Obama’s staying on vacation while a terrorist tried to bring down a plane landing in Detroit. What was worse than that was his Clintonian approach for allowing the suspect to be booked as a common Motor City, pants-on-the-ground street thug who could immediately lawyer-up. This might make the president popular with the ACLU and a few of his academic friends from Chicago, but it is not finding “the love of the common people” with this approach.

The rude splash of cold water the election of Scott Brown was last week will become an icy California monsoon torrent in the coming year as more of his lefties get replaced by moderates and conservatives who simply won’t work with a president who wants to bankrupt the nation, morally and financially. After the November election, the indictment will be opened and we will see how the grand jury (you and I, the electorate) will go about taking back this nation from the liberals who want to replace strength with weakness, action with banal talk.

No more banal talk on Air America. After the November 2010 elections, nothing more than a neutered chief executive taking up space until he’s bounced from office in 2012. It’s about time!



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