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Renew the new year with prayer December 28, 2009

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The Lutheran Book of Prayer is published by the Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis, MO. I came across the 1951 version, owned by my grandmother and given to my mother in 1980, just before Christmas.  There are a couple of prayers therein that I’d like to share with you. If you’d like to know more about Concordia, and they are an excellent Christian publishing company, check them out here:


The prayers I’m sharing include: For Lawmaking Bodies, For the Government, and For Days of Unemployment.

For Lawmaking Bodies

Heavenly Father, as a citizen of our Commonwealth I intercede with Thee for our representatives in government. Thou hast established in our midst law-making powers dedicated to the upholding of order and liberty. I beseech Thee, bless and preserve our form of government in state and union. Grant that our legislators may ever be mindful of the welfare of all their constituents. Grant that they be guided to serve unselfishly the common good of the people. Preserve them from all double-dealing, pettiness, and self-seeking. Protect, I beseech Thee, those liberties of rule by representation which are the cornerstone of our government. Teach us Christians the grace to use our freedom to proclaim Thy Word and use each and every opportunity to serve our fellow men. May we give proof of our gratitude in seeking the welfare of our State, in using our privileges of ballot and freedom of press and speech for the improvement of our own community and our entire nation. These blessings grant us, dear Lord, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

For the Government

Lord God, as I pray for all who are in authority, I thank Thee especially for our form of government given us in our beloved country. Give me the grace with my fellow citizens to esteem the officers and magistrates of our government as sent by Thee. Instill in me that respect and honor which is due to them. I pray Thee, Lord, endow them with wisdom for their several duties, with a spirit of sacrifice for the common welfare, with mercy and justice, with uprightness and kindliness. Correct, I pray Thee, the evils of selfishness, greed, vain desire for honor, or abuse of power in the governments of the world.  Grant that the true purposes of government may prevail, safeguarding peace and prosperity, to the end that we may live soberly and uprightly in Thy sight and have opportunity to tell of Thee and Thy kingdom. These petitions I direct to Thee because in Jesus I know Thee as my Father and Lord. Amen.

In Days of Unemployment

Heavenly Father I entreat Thy aid and encouragement in these days of unemployment. I beseech Thee to give me a fuller measure of Faith in the promises of Thy Word. Grant that I may live trustingly one day at a time, knowing that Thou wilt not fail me.  Even the little I receive I accept with a grateful heart. Protect from the dangers of enforced idleness, unnecessary worry, and sleepless nights. Restore to our community and land normal conditions that we all may find necessary employment. Root out greed, selfishness, and all other social distress in human society. Grant success, earnestness, sobriety, and skill to those that are employed. Heavenly Father, Thou hast blessed man’s labors, and even Thy Son dwelled in a workman’s home and toiled in the carpenter shop and hallowed the simple duties of life. I pray Thee, satisfy the hungry with bread, and open Thy hands to give me my daily bread. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Let us remember these and other prayers as we enter the new year.



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