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Pelosi-care: Power to her people, not to you October 29, 2009

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Holly Bailey, Newsweek, put it in perspective today:

“Throwaway details aside, there is one major optical difference between the Pelosi and Reid events: when the senator spoke, he did it alone. At Pelosi’s event, almost every member of the House Democratic caucus stood behind her. Who do you think has more sway on Capitol Hill?”

Indeed. And make no mistake, this is about clout…power over YOUR ability to choose from health care options. Another mistake not to make: Madame Pelosi will not be sharing the pain of the health care bill she claims to have “crafted” for your benefit. Weighing in at more than 1000 pages, it gives a whole new meaning to heavy legislation. More like heavy-handed.

Huffington Post reports:

“The speaker hopes to avoid divisive amendments on abortion, immigration or other wedge issues that could split her caucus. In denying her conservative wing, however, she may also deny progressives the amendments they’ve been pushing for on a more robust public option and on single-payer health care”

Free speech doesn’t get in the way of Pelosi. She knows best, you unwashed heathen, so just stand down. She won, you lost. Now is her opportunity to plunder the treasury, whatever is left after PresBO has finished.

More from Huffington Post:

“[Dennis] Kucinich fumed that the House bill doesn’t go far enough. “They took single-payer off the table right at the beginning, because the table was set by insurance companies,” he said.”

Fissures in the liberal fringe will not make this pretty for Pelosi. Blue Dog Dems won’t make it easy. Of course, Republicans just laugh it off.
There are those who say Republicans don’t have a plan but they do. It doesn’t get much play since its simply not popular with the mainstream media darlings carrying the water for PresBO, Pelosi, Reid, et al (CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC,  NBC). If it wasn’t for Fox News, we would have no clue from TV outlets that another path is possible. What is it? Modest. Tort reform, ability to buy insurance across state lines and limitations on what insurance companies can do regarding pre-existing conditions. Truly, that’s about all that’s needed.
PresBO, Pelosi and Reid desire one thing: power over your choice in health care. Power over an important segment of the American economy. Power.
I don’t think the president and his clan hate America. I do believe they have a dangerously skewed view of it, akin to looking in the mirrors at a carnival’s fun house.
Simply stated: this is about is power. If a few people happen to get served well, better, or at all, that’s an unintended consequence… and the liberal clan will legislate that away as soon as it becomes apparent, if we allow them to remain in power.
This cannot be tolerated. Unless PresBO and the liberal clan are jumping into the public pool with me, I have no desire to be their lab rat.
Neither should you.


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