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Change you are forced to believe in August 24, 2009

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Here’s change you have no choice but to believe in…
Many Changes In The Workplace May Be Here To Stay:  The new office reality

Baltimore Business Journal – by Julekha Dash

“These are lean times at businesses throughout Greater Baltimore and the rest of the country. More than 40 percent of business leaders say they will employ fewer staff in three to five years compared with the number they employed prior to the recession, according to a Watson Wyatt Worldwide survey released this month.

All this change — and the threat of more to come if the economy does not rebound soon — has created an awkward vibe in office buildings from Howard to Harford and all spots in between. Employee morale has suffered. Managers are stressed to meet their bosses’ bottom-line demands. Some employees are afraid to voice their concerns or weigh in with feedback for fear of retribution. Meanwhile, just about everyone is working more hours these days, as layoffs and new responsibilities lead to an increased workload. Perhaps now more than ever employees are living for the weekends — unless they have to work Saturday and Sunday, too.”

Welcome to the world of change, delivered by Barack Hussein Obama. The story continues:

“About one-third of U.S. companies reacted to the recession by cutting staff, according to Watson Wyatt Worldwide. Another two-thirds have frozen hiring and salaries in the past year. One in 10 employers shortened their workweek to cut costs.”

And just when you thought it was getting better, because PresBO and his band of tax cheats and miscreants said so, there’s this:

“No group has been affected more by the recession than the employees of companies of all shapes, sizes and industries. In Maryland, more than 66,000 of them have been laid off since December 2007.

For the more than 2.5 million remaining in the state’s work force, the rules of engagement have changed. Many of them — regardless of tenure or job title — are looking over their shoulders, wondering if they are going to be the next to be handed a pink slip. Others are so focused on preserving their employment, they rarely say a word unless it’s at the urging of a manager.”

This is exactly what the liberals want: passive censorship for the sake of self-preservation. You stay quiet on the job front, they can get away with what they want on the political front because, frankly, you are too tired to fight them. At least until the health care issue bit them on their flabby butts.

On last bit of enlightenment about PresBOs America:

“Facing the threat of losing their jobs, employees are not speaking up as readily as they used to, said John McDermott, who was laid off last year from the Web design firm E.magination Network LLC.

“Now is not the time to put yourself out there,” he said. McDermott is now a self-employed technology consultant who sees the fear among many employees in his industry.

Employees do what they are told to do and “as they are told to do it,” he said. A director at a finance company, at a company McDermott declined to name, said he didn’t like the company’s strategic direction but refused to share it with his managers for fear of losing his job like others have in the industry.”

PresBO is trying to box you in, using your employers, using your health care plan, using any fear tactic available, to bring you to submission to his way.

This is the way of the socialist. This is the way of the fascist. This is your president.



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