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Get it right – Read SOF! July 20, 2009

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You might think the best news gathering and analysis comes from The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune or LA Times. You might even get what you believe is vital foreign policy news and analysis from Fox News, CNN or MSNBC.

You REALLY need to read Soldier of Fortune magazine. In particular, the August 2009 edition. Two articles, among many, stand out:

“Obama’s Anti-American Doctrine, A Foreign Policy To Make Weather Underground Cheer” and “A Mexico Arms Trafficking Reality Check, The U.S. Is Not To Blame FOr The Mayhem And Murder”.

I will focus on PresBO’s foreign policy doctrine as written by Ralph Peters, US Army (Ret). I urge you to read the entire article but here are the main points he makes about PresBO’s approach:

-We’re to blame (for everything)

-Problems can be negotiated away

-Problems that can’t be talked out can be bought off

-Islamist terrorism doesn’t exist

-Israel is the obstacle to Middle East peace

-Our nukes threaten world peace so we need to be rid of them

-Our military is dangerous

-Our intelligence services are even more dangerous than our military

-Blame President George W. Bush (when all other rationale fails)

Peters exclaims: “We’re becoming a third-world country, succumbing to a sickening culture of blame. And that culture is fostered by breath-taking ignorance.”

Solider of Fortune is for the lunatic fringe? Makes more sense than the NYT has in decades.




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