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Fix your gaze June 20, 2009

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There are certain things that have changed since the “financial crisis” and presidential election: I am more discerning about my sources of information and the time I spend with them. Until mid-September 2008, I was largely indiscriminate about my information consumption. Get every bit from anywhere and worry about filtering it later, if then. But, like bad drugs or unhealthy food, there comes a time when the body and soul so rejects them, becomes “sick” due to them, that you either must cease¬† or succumb. I decided to cease.

That doesn’t mean I took monastic vows or decided for an Amish lifestyle, but I decided to abstain in a way I never did before. Purely for self-preservation. You see, when you are in a sales career, a continuing diet of bad news, ingested without filter, is certain death. I decided against that. I chose to preserve my soul and body to fight the next day and the next. I knew I couldn’t manage that taking in an ever-increasing amount of depressing information.¬† I had to re-focus. I did it like this:

I remembered the story of Peter believing so strongly that, having seen Christ walking on the water, he, too, could do it, and did. As long as his gaze was fixed on Christ, the roiling waters didn’t bother him. However, once his human condition over-took him, he began to sink. I decided I needed to fix my gaze on Christ, not the roiling waters, and rely on His strength and guidance…His “information”…and I would be alright. I would make it through the financial storm intact, even if roughed up a bit.

It has worked. I have lost some clients and gained new ones. My commissions are as good as last year and my sales are just a little under budget, but not nearly the horror stories I hear from colleagues and peer.

It’s not a matter of circumstances. It’s a matter of where you fix your gaze.



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