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D-Day is no day for PresBO apologies June 7, 2009

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Let me say it again on D-Day: Americans are not arrogant and we don’t need PresBO going around the globe apologizing for our leadership and triumphs. His vision of the USA is to be like the Sudan or Kenya, where the ruling people have it all and us, the little people, have nothing. My dad did not fight for that vision. He did, however, fight for the right of Americans to make dumb choices like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama and to say outrageous things like Madie Albright and Nancy Pelosi.

So here’ the reminder:

My Dad served in WW2 as a medic. From Normandy, into Belgium and, ultimately, into Germany, he didn’t think of himself as a hero. The photos of the destruction, the people he and his Blackhawk 67th Field Hospital unit tried to help, and of the moments they could “mug” for the camera in rare times of relaxation, reveal much about the heroics of American soldiers. He taught me there are humble heroes serving everyday in thousands of ways to protect the United States and its freedom. He was a hero to me for his service. He didn’t think of himself as a hero even though he volunteered. For him, it was the right thing to do.

I thank God for men and women who today believe it is the right thing to do.



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