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Wanda Sykes is only funny to the Washington press corps, and they suck, too! May 12, 2009

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It is constantly amazing to me how liberals love to skewer conservatives in the verbal adaptation of waterboarding, and run to the free speech mantle for cover. Had Sean Hannity said anything even within the far reaches of the area code of anything like that about PresBO or a cabinet member, he would have been skewered as if a child molester.

Why is is free speech for liberals and hate speech for conservatives? It is simple linguistics and semantics.

It is true Rush Limbaugh said he hopes the Obama Administration fails. About 62 million Americans did not vote that administration into office so it’s a fair concept to discuss. He did not wish PresBO’s death. He did not express hope a cabinet member came down with cancer. He did not make sport of addictions I suspect are rampant in Wanda Skyes’ profession and that of the journalists she was attempting to “entertain” with her quips.

First, business: “Old Christine” is off the DVR list.

Next, emotion: Wanda Skyes, and all her ilk, suck.

Last emotion: Since PresBO laughed at the quips, he sucks, too. He already did in my book, but he continues to prove it more everyday.

That’s right. I’m one of the 62 million who don’t think PresBO is right for the job. I don’t want his administration to “fail” but I certainly don’t like the direction it is going right now and I wouldn’t mind seeing some of his plans fail. As if I didn’t hear the same about the Bush Administrations from the rabid left…even the soft and middle left…for eight years. “Bush lied, people died”. And, if I remember correctly, and Fox News seems to be the only news organization willing to reveal it, most Democrats supported what was done. We find out that Madame Pelosi knew it all and now wants to do what all liberals want to do: re-write history to make themselves look and feel better.

Nancy Pelosi sucks and she is a liar.

The Washington Press Corps consistently does something my father called “show your ass” and, as it sounds, it is not a phrase of endearment. He told me never to do it. It would seem good advice for these so-called journalists.

Want to know why newspapers get a bad wrap? Want to know why Time and Newsweek and their ilk are sucking gas? Look at their Washington contingents. Smug and arrogant and we, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, recognize them for what they are and we have walked away from them.

Don’t let the door hit your asses on the way out.



1. dummidumbwit - May 12, 2009
2. k - March 21, 2010

wanda sykes is terrible!!! and yes she has the most annoying voice ever!! i hate it when i see her on tv,. the only reason she will get ratings is because she is on saturday night at a good time when nothing else is on,. hopefully she wont be on tv much longer cause i cannot stand her,. when i see her on tv i go” oh god ,not her again”.. i hate her so much i made the effort to google search “wanda sykes sucks” lol,lol,lol!!!

3. Tawna Sporman - December 8, 2010

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