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100 Days of PresBO April 29, 2009

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“Correct thinking leads to correct decisions—the kind of decisions that guarantee productive and satisfying outcomes. But in our culture correct thinking is a challenge. Every day we are bombarded with secular input that is not only incorrect from God’s point of view, but also counterproductive in our relationships, aspirations, and spiritual growth. This tug of war in our minds is really about values. Our values define us. They are the guiding principles that form our thoughts, our conclusions, and ultimately our behavior. They are instilled in us by our families, teachers, experiences, entertainment choices, our heroes, our community, and sometimes even by our fallen instincts.” – Joseph Stowell

We can argue and disagree about PresBO and whether he is the second coming of FDR or Jimmy Carter. We can chatter about questionable cabinet selections and politically-motivated spending and policies serving only selected special interests. The same was said about Presidents Reagan and Clinton in their times.

What is not arguable are values. So far, PresBO has demonstrated little more values than apologizing for the USA at every possible suggestion and spending taxpayer money in a way that makes George W. Bush look like a real conservative. Thus, the vast divide in this nation. 51% thinking PresBo has done well and 49% waking every morning believing we are one step closer to becoming a thrid-world nation. This will not change unless PresBo demonstrates values beyond the temporal political wind and will. He has shown no sign of doing that in his first 100 days.

As a matter of fact, he looks quite comfortable as the typical bed-wetting liberals he represents. I need a leader with values I can believe in. That won’t change.



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