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No apology, no explanation April 18, 2009

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I believe PresBO did the right thing authorizing lethal force on Somali criminals holding the captain of an American cargo ship hostage. My world is black and white like that. My inner compass tells me you can’t allow evil to linger. If you have to meet the immoral and violent immorally and violently, you do it. No apologies. No explanation needed.

Blister the Somali coast until all the cockroaches come out from under their counters, then you kill all you see. Same in Iraq and Afghanistan. These are enemies, no different than Japan and Germany were in WW2. You don’t let Hitler live. You destroy the Japanese appetite for war. It’s over and everyone goes on to rebuild in a more peaceful world. You do not negotiate with terrorists and criminals. You destroy them the way they would destroy you.

It’s a very simple equation. You want information? Waterboard or worse. It doesn’t matter UNTIL the information stops the next attack, saves the next life on our soil, dissuades the next thug from making his plans. No apology. No explanation.

The USA is not “the bad guy”.  I don’t need PresBO and his liberal entourage apologizing for our greatness or our errors. There is no re-writing of history needed. No apology. No explanation.

Close the UN and make them flee to a city more suited to their whimpering: The Hague, Paris, or Athens. They are turds to be flushed, not authorities to be listened to and reckoned with. No apology. No explanation.

Deport illegals. Whenever and wherever they are found. They want to suck the resources out of our nation without contributing to it.  Deport them. No quarter. No apology. No explanation. Why doesn’t anyone ask what Mexico does with illegals? There’s a reason why people aren’t clamoring to live and work in Mexico: it’s a hell-hole. Plain and simple truth. No spin. No apology.

We don’t have to explain ourselves to the world. We don’t need to apologize to anyone. Don’t like it? Take it to the UN and they’re sanction you into meaninglessness.

No apology. No explanation.



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